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A Lamppost
It’s how they did it that really gets me thinking.  It isn’t uncommon to awaken the morning after a night out with some of your not-so-close mates, tied to a lamppost, a tree, a bus stop or if they’re a bit more inventive a post box, resulting in all kinds of awkward encounters with the postman, as he attempts to retrieve the letters whilst paying as little attention to hung-over teenager at his feet as is humanly possible.  But this…..this is something else entirely.  When you wake up with every limb fastening you to the top of a lamppost, you can’t help but to make the feelings of embarrassment and regret wait for the impressed awe and begrudged amusement to pass.  Ah well, least I’ve still got my clothes this time.
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Kung Foo-D inked by Godfrey-Greyhaven Kung Foo-D inked :icongodfrey-greyhaven:Godfrey-Greyhaven 0 0 More space ships by Godfrey-Greyhaven More space ships :icongodfrey-greyhaven:Godfrey-Greyhaven 0 0
The Gnomeish Gentleman
       He was free again.  It was his quickest escape ever and he had even managed to pickpocket the guard.  He was feeling kind of disappointed, because he had been hoping for a more challenging escape than his first two but instead it had been the easiest ever.  He saluted to the jail, in a mocking way, before marching off.
       “And finally I’ll be needing your height, Mr Murnig,” said the Taylor while stifling a laugh.
       The Taylor stood up, a few seconds later and examined his measuring tape. It almost showed exactly 37 inches.  It would be quite
Interesting to work with a gnome but also reasonably challenging.  He turned to face the gnome but found that his customer had only wanted a short stay.
       Roondar Murnig was 24 and had been working as a bard and part time thi
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Is it really worth it?
The game of life
To some people life is but an egoistic game in which the only thing that really matters is themselves.  I’ve seen enough of us humans to see what I think is the simple fact that we are selfish as can be from square one, doing everything we do for no other reason but to further our own life in some way or another.  This essay is simply a collection of some of my thoughts on this matter and my cynical views of humanity in the argument of whether it’s really all worth it and what in life actually matters to us the most when it comes down to it.
Games.  People play games as a means of having fun, but is there anything more to them than this?  Games , in general, are a way of bolstering our confidence and placing ourselves upon a pedestal above all others, that is, if we win.  Games are there for us to show off to each other, and more importantly, to beat others at the game and mak
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All My Sons-Illusions
All My Sons is a play written by Arthur Miller in 1947.  It is a story of a few different families and how they are linked together by a few events.  There are a number of very obvious themes to this book which can all be categorised as some of the flaws of humanity.  The main theme is how we all deal with our guilt and grievances in different ways, from disbelief to fooling not only everybody else, but even yourself into believing something far from the shameful truth.  This play works so well, and effectively because most of the people who see/read it can relate to the way the characters are acting and reacting.  I will be going through some of the different ways in which people can relate to the play, most of them involving the theme of illusion and how we create our own pictures of the world so that we can live with ourselves.
Some things that we do or that happen to us are so embarrassing or shameful that we w
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Death is Never Eternal
A cruel smile played on Kane’s lips as he swung open the heavy door and stepped into the cold, grim world.  A flake of snow blew into the tower and landed upon the cheek of the dead guard.  Kane turned, his white beard blowing in the wind.  He raised his hands to face the wooden structure.  As he did so a cloud of steam began to form around him. His crazed laughter pierced the air as the outpost burst into flame.
Elsewhere, a group of weary adventurers were slowly melting into existence, the air rippling around them.  They stood, the three of them, in front of a crumbling tunnel entrance to a scorched mountain. They knew Kane’s master lay within.  They knew that unless they sent him to his final death he would send them to theirs.
Kane had once travelled with this party as a wise mage known as Aldron.  But when he chose a new path to follow he was turned on by his so called “friends”.  T
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TLSF Pilot
black, darkness, a radio crackling
-1st line of credits-
"This is (insert suitable pelican registration) requesting landing clearance"
-2nd line of credits-
"I repeat, this is (") requsting landing clearance"
-3rd line of credits-
"roger that, clearance granted, come on down here, we need all the help we can get"
-4th line of credits-
Suddenly the screen bursts into light, one of the hover jets on a pelican. The pelican slowly lands, as the camera zooms out, to show a shoddly thrown together camp full of people running about, with an ominous ship in the background, The Luithian.
-Title "The Lost Spartan Fleet" fades onto screen over the image of this ship-
Screen quickly flickers and goes black again. Vision flickers on and off, whilst sound is constant. You can hear the pelican loud and clear, and voices of a group of marines talking. The screen keeps flickering for a while, as the camera is hit in an attempt to get it working, before settleing to the view from one of the hea
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Work exp. talk
-so, talk on work exp…to me, not interesting topic, listing the tedious tasks I did eg. Stock
-inventive, something I want to talk about-Uselessness of school, with reference to work exp.
-seem like rant, it is.
1)-start with work exp
-a while into 1st day-lunch, "I feel like shit" etc, in 40's, rather sad
-school=no swearing
-ridiculous, in 30 years they'll mean nothing
2)-continue work exp, by end of week realised exploitation
-most of all, pay
-almost as if schools have a deal-slave labour
3)-treated as lesser beings
-guidance says don't wear uniform. Uniform or not, no insight into later life just demeaning a)customers b) tone of voice c)special treatment
-if they're going to exploit us, do it right.
4)-Teaching to pass exams
-don't understand ˝ of it, just go with the flow and hope for the best.
-too many subjects.  Who wanted lanuage?
-learnt more on exchange than in 3 years of german.
-standard grade of little use. Higher and Advanced higher of imp
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A Tale of Little Significance
There is a village.  This village is called Larven, and is situated somewhere near the not so well known city of Turast.  There isn't anything special about Larven, it's nothing more then a small rather unexciting town inhabited by a couple hundred dull villagers whose names all begin with the letter "J".  They lead uneventful lives, never fulfilling any ambitions, just living out their lives in this simple home.  They do necessary jobs and together manage to trundle on, almost pointlessly.  Everything is peaceful, yet not extraordinarily peaceful, just peaceful enough to get by.  In this town lives a boy who is unusual, for Larven that is, in that he is slightly overweight and needs glasses.  His name is Jaymes.
There was a faint creaking as Jaymes seated himself upon one of the hand made benches at the edge of the wood of Fewven (in other words, the wood of few events).  He listened carefully, seeking out
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Space Ships by Godfrey-Greyhaven Space Ships :icongodfrey-greyhaven:Godfrey-Greyhaven 2 9 Kung Foo-D original sketches by Godfrey-Greyhaven Kung Foo-D original sketches :icongodfrey-greyhaven:Godfrey-Greyhaven 1 4 God of Earth by Godfrey-Greyhaven God of Earth :icongodfrey-greyhaven:Godfrey-Greyhaven 0 6
The flaws of Humanity
Lord of the Flies was written by William Golding, and first published in 1954.  It is about a group of school boys who are travelling on a plane when it crashes on a desert island, leaving them without adult supervision.  Although to begin with the children seem fairly well organised and are managing to survive, as the story progresses it begins to show the darker side of humanity, drifting far from the perfect world of other such books eg. "The Coral Island" by R.M. Ballantyne.  Lord of the Flies could be thought of as being a more realistic version of what would happen if a group of boys got stranded in this way.  Instead of leading cheerful lives, living in huts, running around having fun and yet at the same time surviving with few problems, the children slowly but surely turn to their primitive instincts through the realisation that without adults around they can do anything they want, to them there are no longer any rules.  This es
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Kung Foo-D fighting by Godfrey-Greyhaven Kung Foo-D fighting :icongodfrey-greyhaven:Godfrey-Greyhaven 0 1
2nd chunk of my novel
By the time that the flames had cleared there was no longer a dwarf anywhere to be seen.  But underneath the cart there was a singular uncut jewel.  It was not in a well-cut shape but a completely pure undamaged chunk of some kind of red glowing stone.  The stone was about the size of Golas' fist and was probably worth more than everything they both owned put together.  "That's big ", commented Golas as he lifted it away from the ground.  Figgit did not speak but just stood staring deeply into the shining stone.  He had stolen many things in his life but had never seen anything like this before and the closest he'd got to anything like this was stealing some diamonds from someone leaving a jewellery shop.  The rock was giving off a small amount of heat and was also glowing slightly even without much light to reflect off it.
           The next morning Golas and F
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Ike from Fire Emblem by Towanu Ike from Fire Emblem :icontowanu:Towanu 2,291 380 Fooly Cooly by diablo2003 Fooly Cooly :icondiablo2003:diablo2003 2,686 378 Animator vs. Animation II by alanbecker Animator vs. Animation II :iconalanbecker:alanbecker 54,418 10,110 Indiana Jones by diablo2003 Indiana Jones :icondiablo2003:diablo2003 3,012 572 Diablo2003's Cowboy Bebop by dylanliwanag Diablo2003's Cowboy Bebop :icondylanliwanag:dylanliwanag 1,715 276 Chibis in the line by Cofie Chibis in the line :iconcofie:Cofie 365 113 Zero Suit Samus by fallout161 Zero Suit Samus :iconfallout161:fallout161 1,840 245 Daredevil page 48 by JPRcolor Daredevil page 48 :iconjprcolor:JPRcolor 461 29 Feral Strawberry of Appomattox by ursulav Feral Strawberry of Appomattox :iconursulav:ursulav 3,220 389 Armed Maiden: Megane II by MobileSuitGio Armed Maiden: Megane II :iconmobilesuitgio:MobileSuitGio 272 71 Late Arrival by JasonEngle Late Arrival :iconjasonengle:JasonEngle 916 98 Hamster Heartbreak by ursulav Hamster Heartbreak :iconursulav:ursulav 3,159 418 We're SUCH nerds. by BrokenApollo We're SUCH nerds. :iconbrokenapollo:BrokenApollo 4 13 Norfair Depths by transfuse Norfair Depths :icontransfuse:transfuse 3,591 384 Samus Aran by transfuse Samus Aran :icontransfuse:transfuse 17,177 1,697



Iain Mulkerrin
United Kingdom
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English exam tomorrow, been sitting revising for it, hated the course and as a result hated the teacher and really cannot be bothered with it, as I know my own abilities, as do those who've taken the time to read some of the writing on pieces I've chosen, or a creative piece.  Whereas just because I don't enjoy the texts I have to do this year and don't know them all off by heart I might get a lesser grade than I know I could achieve.  By god, I sound like an arrogant git right now.

Also, my clan lifestlye is going down the drain as I am not currently able to devote the usual amount of time and effort to running it.

I'm doing this why exactly?  To get into Uni ofcourse...I have no clue what I want to study, I have no clue where I want to's all going to come down to where there are a fair few of my mates and I can get a course I'll atleast enjoy to a small extent.

Life, wonderfull isn't it?


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